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"Love exists but with an absence of eternity."




↳ 1988 est. BIGBANG, we go get 'em. One of a Kind.
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"If you keep walking in the path that you think is the right way, your own unique charm will shine inside you one day, right?"

Ah, ahhh! Admittedly, a bit shy now that it comes down to the facts and figures of it all… Mm. Hello? Haha… Name’s Jiyong, if ya’ hadn’t read above there. And, to keep it real short with you all, I’m nothing new to this place, but I’d really appreciate a few new bright faces around to befriend and care for when the studio time’s at crash and I’ve got some moments to myself. Feeling a bit lonely… My sight’s set ahead, but the dashboard’s dead to none save a loved one here or there. Would be happy to have a minute of your time or eight.

Like and reblog this post around for me, alright? Can assure ya’ someone new to come by, fresh meat to talk to if you got the mood set, maybe we could head out for something to eat or chill, kick it plain. I’m game if you’re game. I can’t wait to meet up with you all, have some good conversation. Ou… ‘side of music, there’s not much I can admit to being good for. Isn’t it a pity? Heh. I like listening, watching, eating, piggin’ out and bummin’ around. What’s good with you today?

I so tired but I want to talk to people. Anyone there? ~


"You promise? I don’t want you to faint in the middle of schedules" he nods and sighs before of rolling his eyes as well "I bet your job is even funner than mine" 

I promise! My job is funner? Mm … I don’t know about that. Well, I guess. Working in a cafe is fun sometimes but then university is more stressful than fun these days.

67/∞ edits of Oh Sehun casually ruining my life.
67/ edits of Oh Sehun casually ruining my life.


Awesome, uhhh… *glancing around the area confused, hooks a thumb over her shoulder with a slightly arched eyebrow* Pizza Hut’s that way right?.. yeah, alright lets go. *turning on her heels heads in the direction of the restaurant* sO um what kind of pizza do you want?

{`she watches you with an amused smile, laughing quietly before she gives you a nod} Mhm, that a way. {`wrapping her arms around herself, she starts walking alongside you, giving your question a bit of thought before she answers} I usually eat Hawaiian or just a plain Tomato and Cheese so I’m not actually fussed. What pizza d’you want?


Well that sounds quite relaxing~ I wish I had a day off >.< unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Ah, no days off soon? I’m bad at university already though. The break wasn’t enough. I can’t wait till Christmas though.

th ♡